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Mr. Rehmert's Middle School Social Studies


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Mr. Rehmert's Schedule

1st Hr-Planning Period

2nd Hr- 8th grade U.S. History

3rd Hr- 8th grade U.S. History

4th Hr- 8th grade U.S. History

5th Hr- 7th grade Kansas History/Geography

6th Hr- 7th grade Kansas History/Geography

7th Hr- 7th grade Kansas History/Geography


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Mr. Rehmert’s Syllabus

School 620-336-8100

Email arehmert@usd447.org

Classes and Outcomes

7th grade- Kansas History/ Geography

8th Grade- U.S. History

The student will have a working knowledge and understanding of the individuals, groups, ideas, events, eras, geography, and developments in the history of Kansas and be able to relate it to the history of the United States, and the world.

Books Used

The Kansas Journey

The American Journey

Exploring Our World

Supplies Needed

Pencil, pen, paper, notebook (for taking notes from ppt. presentations), and a positive attitude.


  1. Be respectful and polite to everyone in class.
  2. Bring all needed materials to class.
  3. Have all assignments turned in on time.
  4. Respect all people’s property.
  5. Follow all school rules.
  6. Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.
  7. Follow directions as they are given.
  8. Do your own work.


As all behavior problems are different in nature, goofing off as compared to aggression, each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.  The teacher reserves the right to notify parents, give detention, send to the Recovery Room, send to the principal’s office, or any combination as deemed necessary by the situation.  Cheating will result in a “0” for that assignment plus other consequences as necessary.

Class Procedures

  1. We will begin working as soon as the bell rings.  If you’re not in seat with all necessary supplies, you are tardy.  If you are tardy, just come in and begin working.  Put any passes on my desk, I will know if you are late.
  2. The teacher’s computer, desk, area behind the desk, and other people’s property are off limits.
  3. Talking is to be limited to helping other students and classroom discussion time.
  4. Your name (first and last), assignment name, and date should go at the top of your paper.
  5. The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  The teacher will instruct you when to put supplies away.  You are expected to continue working until that time.
  6. Missed assignments are required to be made up within 1 class time of returning to school for full credit.  Assignments will not be given to you; it’s your job to gather your make-up work if you’re gone.  Late work will be taken for ½ credit until the test for that chapter is taken.  After that time, no makeup work will be accepted.
  7. Mr. Rehmert reserves the right to add or omit items from procedures list.

Methods of Instruction

Instruction will range from group activities and projects to lecture, research projects, student-centered instruction, videos, PowerPoint presentations, note-taking, and possibly guest speakers.

Methods of Evaluation

Students will be graded on daily work, quizzes, tests, and projects.  Tests and projects are typically worth more points than daily assignments.

Teacher’s Final Comments

I’m looking forward to a phenomenal year here at Cherryvale Middle School.  Learning is an exciting adventure that I enjoy every day; I hope you will too.  I look forward to working and helping you in any way possible this year.




2014-2015 CMHS Bell Schedule



1st                        7:55—8:52                                    

2nd                       8:55—9:49                                    

3rd                       9:52—10:46                                  

4th HS                 10:49—12:13                               

1st Lunch           10:46—11:16                                

4th                       11:19—12:13                      

2nd Lunch          11:43—12:13                     

4th                       10:49—11:43                      

4th MS                10:49—11:43                               

5th MS                11:46—12:40                               

MS Lunch          12:40-1:10                           

5th HS                 12:16—1:10                                  

6th                       1:13—2:07                                    

7th                       2:10—3:03                                    

TEAM                 3:06—3:36                                    




Phone: [620-336-8100] Email: [arehmert@usd447.org]