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ICC Speech Syllabus


General Course Information
Instructor: Karen Gudde
Course Number: COM 1203
Course Title: Speech
Semester: Spring 2010
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: None
Division and Discipline: Communications and Journalism
Class Location: Cherryvale High School

Course as Viewed in the Total Curriculum
This course is specifically designed for students who have had one semester or less of high school speech. It is a basic course designed to prepare students to communicate effectively, with emphasis on public speaking. Instruction is given in the planning and construction of a speech as well as its delivery. This course fulfills requirement for communication at ICC.

Textbook and Other Required Materials
Lucas, Stephen.  The Art of Public Speaking, Ninth Edition.  
Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2007.

Attendance Requirements
Success in this course is directly related to classroom attendance.  Missing class is not an acceptable excuse for incomplete assignments.  If a student is absent or tardy for more than three class sessions, he or she may be withdrawn from this course by the instructor.

Instructor Expectations
Students enrolled in this course should align their conduct with Cherryvale High School’s pursuit of excellence.  Please strive to do your best on each assignment.

Classroom Policy
Academic honesty is of utmost importance in your school work.  Students who plagiarize borrow the language, thoughts, and ideas of another author, directly or indirectly, and claim them as their own. The most blatant form of plagiarism is to use directly quoted material with no quotation marks and no reference to the source. Borrowed material that students paraphrase but do not document is also plagiarism. In fact, any form of cheating-crib sheets during tests, copying another student's work inside or outside of class, buying papers, etc.-is plagiarism. If students have any doubts about borrowing information, they should ask the instructor. Students can expect the following consequences for plagiarism: First offense: The paper and/or speech receives an “F.” Second offense: The student fails the course.
(Adapted from Kansas Core Outcomes)

Objectives, Competencies, and Core Abilities

Coping with nervousness

Developing confidence

Utilizing critical thinking in speaking and listening

Selecting appropriate speech topics

Researching topics and organizing materials

Analyzing and adapting to audiences

Structuring effective speeches

Delivering effective speeches

Sharpening listening skills

Practicing the guidelines for ethical listening

Giving and receiving constructive criticism

Working within groups

Activities and Assignments

Impromptu speeches

Reading chapters

Defining key terms

Answering chapter review questions

Class discussion

Peer evaluation

Course Outline:

Ch 1 Basic principles
Ch 2 Ethics and public speaking

Introductory Speeches (2 min)

Ch 14 Speaking to inform
Ch 4 Choosing topics and purpose
Ch 5 Analyzing the audience
Ch 8 Organizing the body of the speech
Ch 9 Introductions and conclusions
Ch 10 Outlining the speech
Ch 12 Delivering the speech
Ch 13 Using visual aids

Informative Speeches (5 – 6 min)

Ch 15 Intro to persuasive speaking
Ch 6 Gathering materials
Ch 7 Using supporting materials
Ch 16 Methods of persuasion

Analysis of Persuasive Speeches

Ch 3 Listening to speeches

Persuasive Speeches (7 – 8 min)

Ch 17 Commemorative speaking
Ch 11 Using language effectively

MLK Speech Using language effectively

Unknown Speeches (3 – 5 min)

Review Ch 7 Supporting materials
Review Ch 8-10 Organization and outlining
Review Ch 12 Delivery

Group Speeches (15 – 20 min)