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Cherryvale USD447

Cherryvale Middle-High


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Charger Channel 2022-23


Charger Channel 

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November 2022

Nov 28

Thanksgiving Special

Nov 22

Nov 21

Nov 18

Nov 17

Nov 16

Nov 15

Nov 11

Nov 10

Nov 9

Nov 8

Nov 7

Nov 4

Nov 3

 Nov 2

Nov 1

October 2022

Oct 27

Oct 26

Oct 25

Oct 24

Oct 21

Oct 20

Oct 19

Oct 18

Oct 17

Oct 14

Oct 13

Oct 12

Oct 11

Oct 10

Oct 7

Oct 6

Oct 5

Oct 4

Oct 3

September 2022

Sep 30

Sep 29

Sep 28

Sep 27

Sep 23

Sep 22

Sep 21

Sep 20

Sep 19

Sep 16

Sep 15

Sep 14

Sep 13

Sep 12

Sep 9

Sep 8

Sep 7

Sep 6

Sep 2

Sep 1

August 2022

Aug 31

Aug 30

Aug 29

Aug 26

Aug 25

Aug 24

Aug 23

Aug 22

May 2022

May 2nd

May 3rd

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th

April 2022

Apr 1st

Apr 4th

Apr 5th

Apr 6th

Apr 7th 

Apr 11th

Apr 12th

Apr 13th

Apr 14th

Apr 19th

Apr 20th

Apr 21st

Apr 22nd

Apr 25th

Apr 26th

Apr 27th

Apr 29th

March 2022

Mar 1st

Mar 2nd

Mar 3rd

Mar 4th

Mar 7th

Mar 8th

Mar 9th

Mar 11th

Mar 22nd

Mar 23rd

Mar 24th

Mar 25th

Mar 28th

Mar 29th

Mar 30th

Mar 31st


February 2022

Feb 1st

Feb 2nd

Feb 8th

Feb 9th

Feb 10th

Feb 11th

Feb 14th

Feb 15th

Feb 16th

Feb 17th

Feb 23rd

Feb 24th

Feb 25th

Feb 28th


January 2022

Jan 5th

Jan 6th

Jan 7th

Jan 10th

Jan 11th

Jan 12th

Jan 13th

Jan 14th

Jan 18th

Jan 19th

Jan 20th

Jan 21st

Jan 24th

Jan 25th

Jan 26th

Jan 27th

Jan 28th

Jan 31st


December 2021

Dec 1st

Dec 2nd

Dec 3rd

Dec 6th

Dec 7th

Dec 8th

Dec 9th

Dec 10th

Dec 13th

Dec 14th

Dec 15th

Dec 16th


November 2021

Nov 2nd

Nov 3rd

Nov 4th

Nov 5th

Nov 6th

Nov 9th

Nov 10th

Nov 11th

Nov 12th

Nov 15th

Nov 16th

Nov 17th

Nov 18th

Nov 19th

Nov 20th

Nov 23rd

Nov 29th

Nov 30th 


October 2021

Oct 1st

Oct 4th

Oct 5th

Oct 6th

Oct 7th

Oct 8th

Oct 11th 

Oct 12th

Oct 13th

Oct 14th

Oct 15th

Oct 18th

Oct 19th

Oct 20th

Oct 21st

Oct 22nd

Oct 25th

Oct 26th

Oct 27th

Oct 28th


September 2021

Sept 3rd

Sept 7th

Sept 8th

Sept 9th

Sept 10th

Sept 13th

Sept 14th

Sept 15th

Sept 16th

Sept 17th

Sept 20th

Sept 21st

Sept 22nd

Sept 23rd

Sept 24

Sept 28th

Sept 29th

Sept 30th